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Zinc is going to be the last important nutrient talked about in these blog posts for a while. There are other important minerals and nutrients, but this is a good stopping point until a later time. The role of Zinc is  sweet and to-the-point for the role of eye care. It helps carry Vitamin A from the liver up to the retina. This helps the eye produce a protective pigment in the eye called melanin.

Where is Zinc found in foods? Lobster, Oysters, Beef, Pork, Yogurt, Salmon (bonus points for being a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids), Milk and Hardboiled Eggs. Basically, these are all my favorites so I know I'm personally getting enough Zinc to possibly give me x-ray vision. If  you aren't getting enough Zinc, studies have linked a deficiency to things like poor night driving or impaired vision.

812lobsterWhen you schedule your next eye exam with an Optometrist and have been eating a balanced diet with eye healthy foods, don't be surprised if the eye doctor gives you a high-five. Many people neglect their eyes, but there are some simple and easy ways to keep them healthy for a long time.