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Teens in Contacts?

Needing to purchase eyeglasses is often met with great resistance from a teenager. Adolescents may cringe at the idea of being seen in eyeglasses and looking ''nerdy''. As opposed to glasses, kids and teens who opt for contact lenses feel a significant enhancement in their appearance, a newly published report shows. The research results show that starting at the age of eight, children may prefer being offered the choice of contact lenses. Results were recorded in the November issue of Eye & Contact Lens, published by the Contact Lens Association.

What is it about contacts that adolescents prefer? Young adults are self-conscious, and they often feel better about themselves if they don't have eye glasses being the center of their appearance. Contact lenses may increase a young adult's self-image by providing them a less visible alternative for their vision needs.

Although teens are generally provided with contact lenses, children under 13 are usually not offered the choice of contacts, since eye care providers or parents don't feel that children are ready to deal with them appropriately. However, with proper guidance, children as young as eight are as competent at using and caring for contacts and they should be offered the choice.

Generally before your child purchases lenses you will want to consult your optometrist to go over any possible problems your child might have. Our Rockford IL optometry practice can assist you in determining the right prescription for your teenager's contact lenses.

There are many options in disposable lenses that make lens wear both safe and convenient Dr Facchiano says. The ultimate in safety if your concerned about your child's compliance is our the daily use type available in single vision and with astigmatism. With emerging nearsighted prescriptions some patients are great candidates for our genital corneal molding programs ( CRT). The CRT programs offer device free vision throughout the day while treating the condition in just overnight wear.

If your pre-teen or teenager is in need of vision correction, why not consider contacts? Through just a simple contact lens, you can really change your teen's life. With the wide variety of contacts on the market, you and your eye doctor can work with your child to decide what modality is most suitable for their personality, maturity and lifestyle.

To your eye health ,

Dr Facchiano and Staff