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People are Turned Off by 3D TV Glasses

The biggest push in home consumer electronics right now is 3D. We've all been to the movies where you purchase a ticket and also get a pair of special glasses that allow wearers to see images "pop" out of the screen. The technology is moving into living rooms and so are those glasses.

According to a Nielsen TV study, USA Today is reporting that people do not like wearing special glasses that are only used for the one task of seeing 3D images from their TVs, even if they are impressed with what gets displayed. A lot of times, people will have to put these glasses on over their corrective vision glasses. It seems as if people aren't too keen on wearing glasses if they don't have to for healthy vision.

sony 3d

Another source of contention is the fact that different TV makers use slightly different 3D technology so the brand of glasses have to match the brand of television. That would be like having to wear a different pair of Ford corrective vision glasses to drive a Ford car and a pair of Chevy glasses to drive a Chevy car.  There is work being done to eliminate the need for  the glasses, but that technology might be a little further away than some people hope it to be.

In future posts, we'll cover how the eye see 3D images but this is an interesting finding that people do not want to wear glasses if they don't have to.