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Medication Apps

app store imagesOne of the most important questions asked before any type of exam is what medications are currently being used. At that point, there are two types of patients, those who cannot remember what types of medicine they take and those that produce a tattered piece of paper from their wallet or purse listing, in impressive detail, the medications they take.

The one thing these two types of people have in common is a cell phone, often times a smart phone. There are applications to download on the phone that not only list medications taken, but also remind people when it is time to take them.

The New York Times recently did an article about a few of these applications. They test MedsLog, Medsy, MotionPHR Health Record Manager and Dosecast and give their recommendations about what apps are worth the time. Since a phone is something that a lot of people carry, the information is always accessible and easy to read.

I couldn't end this post without highlighting one app that is specifically for eye care. The Eye Chart Pro is a portable Snellen eye chart that you can show to all your friends.