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Macular Disease – New genetic tests available that can guide eye exams and treatment


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Every one fears the loss of vision.  That news is worse when a patient learns they have a loss  that is now beyond treatment. So now is the time to schedule your annual eye exam. The chief reason for vision loss among those 65 and older is macular disease and early detection is the key to treatment.  Those patients concerned about central vision loss or have a family history of central vision loss should ask for your central vision to be tested and evaluated with special diagnostic tests.  You should know many tests can be included to specifically test the health of our central vision outside the normal eye chart. Technology now exists to detect minor changes in your central vision long before there is significant damage if tested in time.  Such special tests may include OCT images, threshold visual fields , ophthalmoscopy, fundus autofluorescence images and genetic testing . Make sure the Dr you choose has the access to these tests and please get a through retina analysis.

  Age-related Macular Degeneration, is predominantly an inherited disease.  Our clinic now offers a Macula Risk , a prognostic DNA test that identifies individuals who have inherited any of the disease-causing genes. These individuals are at increased risk of vision loss as they age. Macula Risk is a laboratory developed test (LDT) to assess the risk of AMD progression from early or intermediate AMD to advanced AMD, a common eye disorder of the elderly that can lead to blindness. Macula Risk identifies individuals (1 in every 5 patients) that are at highest risk of vision loss due to AMD. Identifying these patients early allows the eye-care professional to implement a disease management strategy focused on sight preservation. Increased risk (Macula Risk® Level 3, 4 and 5) patients may benefit from: •Increased frequency of eye examinations •Disease education and possibly ‘at-home’ Amsler Grid or Home PHP testing •Preventative eye vitamin therapy and possibly nutritional supplements •Early diagnosis and treatment of wet AMD with effective therapies . So to learn more about what your risk is consult your doctor of optometry and ask is gentic testing is indicated in your case. Not all office have added this testing but we can help you locate a provder in your area in the USA or Canada s0 just call our office with that request.

For more information on Macular Risk see related articles on macular disease and prevention. ( )

Please make sure to get your eyes checked each year. We offer eye exams in Rockford IL and in Madison WI specifically for macular disease.

To your eye health,

Dr Vincent Facchano