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InfantSEE Program Helps Optometrists Treat Eye Diseases


If you were reading last Sunday's Rockford Register Star newspaper in Rockford, Illinois you might have noticed that Dr. Facchiano was highlighted as a participant in the InfantSEE program, a foundation of the American Optometry Association that allows families to schedule eye exams for children regardless of income levels or access to insurance. The news article talks about a teen who was diagnosed with a form of eye cancer that was successfully treated at an early age. Here is an excerpt from the article -

Dr. Vincent Facchiano, who also participates in InfantSEE, said he has identified a patient with retinoblastoma as well as children with high refractive errors that, if not corrected early, would have resulted in permanent vision reduction called amblyopia or lazy eye. He said he also was able to help a child with a rare corneal disease called keratoconus, a deterioration of the structure of the cornea that causes a gradual bulging from its normal round shape to a cone shape resulting in reduced vision.