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Halloween Contact Lenses

Our eye clinics phones have been ringing with a lot of calls lately (Madison in particular) about "monster" contact lenses. With Halloween approaching, people are scrambling to throw together the perfect costume. With the popularity of sparkly vampires, Lady Gaga and all sorts of imaginative things specialty contacts are in high demand. However, there are some things people need to know first before placing an order.

The first thing people forget is that contact lenses are actually a medical device. To legally buy contacts, a person needs to have a current prescription from an optometrist. Alarm bells should go off if they are looking at contacts that don't require prescription information. This is why it is incredibly important to talk with an eye doctor and get a proper prescription before getting any sort of contacts. A contact that doesn't fit correctly can do so many harmful things to the eye, even if it is worn "just for a night."

WildEyes Zoomin lrg

The vast majority of Halloween lenses are not FDA approved. Those contacts that make the eyes look bigger and the craziest types of eye changing contacts come from other countries and are actually "contraband" because they are sold without a prescription. The good news is there are FDA approved specialty contacts and, with the help of a doctor, can be worn safely. One brand that comes to mind that is FDA approved is CIBA Vision's WildEyes brand of contacts. CIBA also makes the extremely popular Air Optix normal contact lenses.

If you are still looking to get a pair of FDA approved, doctor prescribed wild contacts for Halloween the window to get them before the big night is rapidly closing. If you are looking for more information about what to avoid, check out this post about Spooky Eyes and this post about the contacts that make the eyes look larger. Both are great resources to spot the types of contacts that will harm the eyes.

If you are looking at these contacts and have any other questions, give us a call and we'll be happy to fill you in on the details.