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Going Blind: Coming Out of the Dark About Vision Loss

GoingBlind poster webIf you were told that you were going blind, what would you do? One film maker, when faced with that question, decided to document the entire experience.

The director, Joseph Lovett, has worked on many TV and films in his career but now he is the subject in a documentary about helping people understand vision loss. Lovett isn't the only person highlighted, there are people suffering from eye disease, complications from diabetes and an Iraq War veteran who lost his sight during his service. These personal accounts are extremely touching as each person has dealt with the issue of losing vision in different ways that show the power of human determination.

On the official movie website, there are tons of images and video clips from the documentary that show people talking about their conditions and what vision means to them.

Find more information on the Going Blind Twitter account at @GoingBlindMovie