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Dr Facchiano Giving the Gift of Sight -How precious is sight to you?

OneSight Trip to Burkina Faso Checking CorneaOS MEX 2013IMG_0454603626_10201078226737337_1582595197_n

            On a mission last week a little native American child received his first RX from the eye care Dr Facchiano, a Rockford Illinois eye doctor provided at a mission in Eagle Butte SD reservation. Like many of these kids it was a highly myopic astigmatism correction. Imagine the blur and limitation that such a blur has on learning and engagement in life. Living in a blur most of his life he took to collecting things like coins and stones. He was just average in performance at school I was told and not really engaged in sports either as you might imagine.
     So now he gets the new spectacle RX the result of our OneSight mission which provided free eye exams, eye care  and glasses at Eagle Butte SD last week.  When he places them on he was caught  testing them out. He moved the lens in front and then above and then back in front and then above his eyes- over and over. He's says each time he does that:  clear- blurry, clear- blurry, clear - blurry. He gets it now and seems in wonder of it all. Then he turns to view outside and the epiphany happens. He exclaims in youthful exuberance  " the world is beautiful"!
   He had a choice. He could have looked out at the drab surroundings and became depressed.  Seeing the poorly kept buildings some which have tarps for roofs and weathered plywood covering windows would have shocked most if us . He lives on a reservation and like 1000's of other kids on the reservation he is drowning in poverty with just hope to be among the 20% that do escape all that when he grows up.
   No,  he says " the world is beautiful". He has clarity now and he is in awe of this gift of sight . I suggest he now senses a renewed hope and spirit.  In fact he was so thrilled with the result he was moved to provide the doctor dispensing the glasses a token of his appreciation. See he collects stones and he appreciated the colors in some. One he held  very close and kept that  in his pocket always. He withdrew that special stone he coveted and gave it to the Dr saying" this is my favorite stone cause - well see it has all these colors in it. If I hold it in the light some more colors come out - see? He smiles so big his cheeks push on his new spectacles. I want you to have it he says handing it over. Then without a further comment he darts away and joins his classmates. It was an emotional moment for the Dr to say the least as this one event memorialized the work that we do at these missions and often each day. It validates that it is indeed important work we do as eye doctors and it has value more than we typically realize.
    Its inspiring. Sometimes it takes an innocent child to open our eyes to how important our vision is .  Together the staff and doctors at Facchiano & Associates dedicate each day at being the very best at making the  live's of our patients beautifully clear. 
   It is time you made an appointment for an eye exam for you and your loves ones.
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