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Blue Light is Destroying Your Eyes

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Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light Damage

Blue light vision damage is the term used for vision damage caused by electronic devices. It comes from the use of all electronic devices including computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and LED TVs, as well as the sun, fluorescent lighting, and LED lighting. All of these devices emit blue light, which is on the lower end of the spectrum. We’re used to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays with protective sunglasses, but we now need to protect our eyes from blue light damage as well.

The Damage We’re Seeing

Recent studies have shown that people who use these devices regularly have contracted ailments related to the eyes and eye health. Blue light is the secret culprit behind people developing vision issues such as dry eyes, blurry vision, and more.

Some research has even indicated that people who have used these devices religiously have even developed serious ailments such as macular degeneration and scandium rhythms. It doesn’t stop there— overexposure to blue light has been linked to unexplained weight gain, sleep deprivation, insomnia, attention deficit disorder, sleep apnea, and macular degeneration.

Eye doctor, computer technology and woman with blue light in Rockford, IllinoisHow Blue Light Causes Eyesight Problems

These issues arise as the result of the eyes oxidizing and the macula degenerating, which is the leading cause of vision impairments and can lead to blindness. The key signs of macular generation include decreased ability to perceive color, decreased cognitive skills such as reading, writing, or driving.

While there is no proof that this helps, there are some apps you can use on your devices (f.lux app, Blue Light Filter for Eye Care app, Twilight app, sunset app). These apps are made to reduce the amount of blue light coming from your devices so you can sleep better, but no scientific proof is available yet. The best way to protect your eyes from blue light is with glasses made specifically for this.

How to Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light Damage

BluTech is the only organization that has created a way to protect your eyes from the blue light. BluTech lenses combine the technology of both pigments (melatonin) and ocular science to protect the eyes away from the radiating light. BluTech uses a natural pigment found in the iris to filter out blue light and harmful UVA and UVB radiation. The result is yellowish tinged lenses (from the melatonin) that are available with or without an eyeglass prescription.

Not all blue light is bad, so BluTech has made sure to allow the good blue light to pass through the filter while blocking the harmful blue lights.

The Result?

Wearers of BluTech eyewear will discover that they are suddenly able to sleep better and for a healthier period. Why? Because blue light actually controls our sleep cycles. When we are exposed to LED light toward the evening hours the melatonin in our bodies (which is designated to help us fall asleep and sleep well) is suppressed, leading to nights of tossing and turning, or even worse, insomnia. Wearers will also find that they will suffer less from eyestrain and fatigue caused by computer use.

Wearing BluTech glasses shields the eyes from receiving blue light thus hindering the body to process more natural. This allows us to continue working (since most of us spend our working hours on a computer) without the harmful blue light can do to our eyesight.

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