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Eye Care 101: Inserting Contact Lenses

Eye Care is one of the most important parts in the practice of Optometry. Good eye care practices are both the responsibility of patients and doctors. This series of posts will cover the basics that highlight important topics in Optometry to show how eye care is important.

So many people wear contact lenses that they are just as common as glasses wearers. Every contact lens wearer is also trained in specific ways to make sure that they keep their contacts clean and eyes healthy when they insert them each morning. As wearers get more comfortable with inserting and removing the contacts, some bad habits can form. And it all starts with inserting contact lenses. In terms of eye care, it is paramount to keep up a good regimen so contacts won't expose the eye to disease and infection. The following is the proper steps to follow when handling contact lenses to insert them. The biggest key to keeping eyes healthy with contact lenses is making sure everything is clean

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  • First, make sure to wash your hands throughly. A mild anti-bacterial soap is the best kind to use.
  • Be sure to check for any debris or particles in the solution or on the lens.
  • Double check to the lens to see if it is inside out. A good way to tell is look at the contact at eye level. If there is a slight "bell" shape to the contact, it needs to be flipped inside out.
  • Avoid over handling contacts. They are made from delicate materials and can pick up germs, particles or other thing you don't want touching your eye ball.
  • Once the contact is on the eye, look down and close your eyes for a few seconds to let the contact settle.

This information is generally given out during an eye exam, but it is always good to call an Optometrist if you have any questions. Here is a video with some more information about contacts from the solution brand Opti-Free. That is the brand our eye doctors use and recommend.