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Digital Retinal Photos Are a Great Tool for Optometrists

There are many parts to an eye exam that assess the overall health of the eyes. One of the most helpful parts is the digital retinal photography. It is essentially a digital camera that has been developed to take a clear image of the back of the eye. The pictures are so detailed that not only can optometrists diagnose eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration but they can spot signs of diabetes, high blood pressure and eye cancers. Since the resulting image is digital, it can act as a "snapshot in time" of your eye health. Each year, the optometrist will be able to look for any small changes to the health of the eye and catch any potential abnormalities at early stages.

digital retinal photo

The photos are defiantly something you don't see everyday. I've even had a few patients during the eye exam prescreening half-jokingly ask if they could have the photo as their Facebook profile picture. Kidding aside, these photos are incredibly helpful when it comes to catching eye diseases as it gives optometrists time to successfully manage and control those problems. The digital retinal photos are just one of the many aspects we look at during our eye exams, but one that is vitally important.