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Best Eye Care for Bags Around Eyes

Ever have someone indicate that you look tired? It is a safe bet that the area around your eyes may provide a visual clue. Yes that dreaded under eye "baggage" or puffy eyes, eye bags, dark circles, and shadows. So Dr. Facchiano wants to help you explore the various reasons and treatments of this common concern. Don’t think this is an old age concern Dr. Facchiano says “the root cause can begin in subtle ways when in the twenties with little pillow like changes, so by the thirties is a noticeable cosmetic problem with full blown bags that has equal prevalence in both men and women”. Dr. Facchiano reports that there is a certain amount of fat naturally in the under-eye area that is held in place by ligaments. “As we age, those ligaments get weaker, allowing the fat to push forward, forming that little puffy pillow under your eye."

Then unfortunately it all gets worse because the skin loses elasticity, allowing the formation of those loose wads of skin we call "bags.” The rate depends on both hereditary factors as well as lifestyle. With regard to lifestyle, Dr. Facchiano reminds patients getting enough rest matters as does aerobic capacity, so exercise is important also. Avoiding tobacco and limiting alcohol is important too. The worst accelerator of aging and wrinkles to our lower eyelids is sun exposure. So, wear sun block and UV absorbing sun glasses when outdoors. It is recommended that if you’re concerned about bags forming a lot sooner, avoid a high salt intake (salted popcorn, Chinese food, etc.) which causes the fat beneath the lower eyelid to absorb fluid and swell, making puffiness worse.

cucumbers for eyes 1

Although cosmetic surgery may certainly be the most effective and permanent treatment option there are other ways to treat under-eye bags, sags, dark circles, and puffiness. Let’s start with the time tested folk remedies that act as astringents on that delicate lid tissue. Ah! Some apply the egg whites under their eyes and let it dry. You will feel your skin tightening. When that is washed off, some report success cause this process visibly reduces under eye puffiness. Some recommend doing this on mornings when you did not catch enough sleep. Second, you can get an ice cube and rub it around your eye it helps with swelling. And many have heard that you can use either potato slices, tea bags or cucumber slices placed over the closed eye and lids in the evenings because they help too using the same principle.

Best get enough rest, drink plenty of water, wear sun block, sun glasses, avoid high salt intake and apply artificial tears to dry eyes. You may not be able to fight hereditary bags completely with folk remedies, as surgery for some cases is the most effective. Dr. Facchiano will discuss those surgical options later. But go ahead and put cucumbers on the eyes at night for about an hour before you go to bed while relaxing to music. Ahh the best thing is rest!!!!