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3D Vision and Eye Health

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As 3D viewing becomes more commonplace in movie theatres, on television and even in handheld gaming systems, American Optometric Association (AOA) doctors of optometry, together with industry experts from the 3D@Home Consortium, reinforce that 3D viewing is not harmful and actually has a distinct benefit of alerting individuals and parents to undetected vision disorders and eye diseases that, if caught early, are fully amenable to treatment. This includes eye diseases like amblyopia. If amblyopia is not detected early and treated, it often causes not only a loss of 3D viewing but lifelong vision impairment and disability.

The AOA recommends seeing a doctor of optometry for further evaluation if consumers answer yes to any of the following questions:

* Is the 3D viewing experience not as vivid as it is for others watching the same picture?

* Do you experience eyestrain or headaches during or after viewing?

* Do you feel nauseous or dizzy during or after viewing?

* Are you more comfortable viewing 2D TV or movies instead of 3D TV/movies?

* Is it difficult for your eyes to adjust back to normal after watching 3D TV/movies?

Dr Facchiano recommends that you make an appoinment to see your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam in you have any of the 3D's of stereoscopic vision 3 D viewing. Those are dizziness,lack of depth and discomfort when attempting to view in 3D.

So interested in more information? Dr Facchiano suggests that you please check out the new AOA link for more insight on 3D vision:

To your eye health!

Dr Facchiano OD FAAO