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10 Normal Symptoms for New Contact Lens Wearers

When people need vision correction, they usually start out with glasses. Most people usually try contacts at some point in their life and some people get discouraged by some common symptoms of getting used to contacts. Here are 10 normal symptoms for new contact wearers as they adjust to the lenses -

Lens Movement

If it feels like the lenses are moving, that is what is supposed to happen. There is a natural fluid flow in the eye and contacts need to permit it.

Minor Irritation

The first couple of times a new wearer puts the contacts in, they will say they can "feel" the contact. It takes a bit of time for the eye to accept the contact because it is a medical device. Any feelings of discomfort should ease away in 15 minutes.


Contact lens wearers will tear up when they put the contact in their eye. It's totally normal and once adapted to the lens, the tears will stop.

Light Sensitivity

New wearers will sometimes note sensitivity to bright lights. Like other symptoms on this list, this should go away with lens adaptation.


This symptom is cause for concern for a lot of new contact wearers. Rightfully so, a burning sensation in your eye is alarming. What it signals is that the eyes are dry and need moisture. Eye drops will do the trick and re-lubricate the eyes.


Contact lenses are supposed to clear up vision, not blur it. If the lens is making a new wearer see things blurry it typically means there are a lot of tears generated or there are oils on the lens. Using solution to clean the lenses and reinserting the contacts will clear up the vision. If the problem persists, call your eye doctor.

Dislodged Lenses

The lens will seldomly either go "off-center" or lift off from the cornea. If this rare occurrence happens, a simple blink will reposition the lens.

Excessive Blinking

This symptom is actually beneficial to new contact wearers. Full, complete blinks when the lenses are first inserted will keep the lens comfortable.

Red Eyes

This symptom is fairly common with the burning. Basically, the eyes are dry if this is a mild case. Some saline solution eye drops should do the trick.

Itchy Eyes

This symptom usually comes paired with red eyes. Eye drops should sooth the eyes.

It should be noted these are common for soft lenses. If problems persist, contact your eye doctor immediately. Hard lenses are an entirely different animal to tackle and have a whole other set of normal symptoms for lens adaptation. Soft contacts keep improving with more scientific advances so the symptoms of adaptation might not be as severe for new wearers as they were in the past. It all depends on the type of contact and how well it fits with the wearer. There are so many different options for contact lenses that there is bound to be a great fit for anyone.